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2017-05-12 07:35 am
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Videos of Performance and Project

Scrooge, singing at the Dickens Fair, at Mad Sal's.

Scenes from Butterfield 8's production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, which I adapted directly from the book. Inspired by the stage adaptations of Nicholas Nickelby, and styled in the manner used by Word For Word, Performing Arts Company, the result was a 4 hour, two part performance, telling the entire story, using text directly from the book, including prose, not just dialogue. Staged and directed by John Butterfield, the performance were an immersive event, and audience members reported it took them some time to make the transition from Regency England back to 21st century California after the performance.

Scenes from the Butterfield 9 Theatre Company's production of Pride and Prejudice at Cue Productions in Concord, CA, August 2011, adapted for the stage by Donald L. Hardy.

"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Sonata No.13 in B-flat major, K.333: I. Allegro" by Denis Matthews.
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2017-05-11 11:58 am

Stage Work

A collection of stage and fair characters ad Renaissance Faire, The Great Dickens Christmas Fair, and Butterfield 8 Theatre Company.

Head Shot

As Shakespeare

As Shakespeare

Shakespeare at Folsom Renaissance Faire

Scrooge and Cratchit

Scrooge and Cratchit (with Steven Ticehurst) at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Learning Scrooge


Happy Scrooge

Post Redemption

Claudius and Gertrude

Hamlet (with Deborah Doyle)


Hamlet, as Claudius

merchant of venice

Merchant of Venice


The Tempest

The Tempest (with Becky Potter)


Arcadia (with Maureen Theresa Williams>

Killing Jar

Bee Keeper


Not a character, but I want to play him -- or write him -- sometime.